About us


Our Mission

“To be a welcoming church where we gather, grow and serve God and neighbor in the name of Jesus Christ.”

Our Values

Ardsley United Methodist Church is part of the New York Annual Conference and follows the conference’s vision statement, “through the grace of God embodies a beloved dsc06933community of hope, building up a healthy body of Christ, with heart warmed United Methodists in mission for the transformation of the world.”

The Methodist Tradition
  • United Methodists are Christians. There are 8 million Methodists in the United States and another 3.5 million around the world.
  • We celebrate two sacraments: Baptism and Communion.
  • Both men and women serve as clergy in the United Methodist Church. Our communion table is open to all.
  • The founder of Methodism, John Wesley, and the early Methodists were particularly concerned about inviting people to experience God’s grace and to grow in their knowledge and love of God through designated Christian living. They placed primary emphasis on Christian living, or putting faith and love into action.
  • United Methodists insists that faith and good works go belong together. What we believe must be confirmed by what we do. Personal salvation must be expressed in ministry and mission in the world.
  • Mission and Service: Because of what God has done for us, we offer our lives back to God through a life of service. As disciples, we become active participants in God’s activity in the world through mission and service. Love of God is always linked to love of neighbor and to a passionate commitment to seeking justice and renewal in the world.

Ardsley United Methodist Church is over 150 years old. Methodist worship services have been held in Ardsley since 1852 when Alexander McLane, a resident in Dobbs Ferry, began ministering to the people of the village. The original church structure was built in 1852 on a site facing Ashford Avenue, and was moved to our present site in 1903. This original building was the annex on the north called the Church Parlor. It was formally organized March 23, 1860 with the Reverend Jacob C. Washburn as pastor and named the Methodist Episcopal Church at Ashford.From this time until 1867, with the exception of two years (1861-1862) when the church united with Hartsdale, it was part of the Dobbs Ferry Circuit. In 1867 the Annual Conference made Ashford a separate Parish.

The rapid growth in population of suburban Ardsley was recognized by the congregation and in 1955 the Christian Education wing was erected to accommodate the increasing membership and the expanding programs. The chapel-like sanctuary was deconsecrated in 1959 and our present edifice was dedicated February 7, 1960 by Bishop Frederick Newell.