Baptism is entry into the Church. Baptism is what God is doing in and through us. It is “through water and the Spirit” that we enter into new spiritual life in relationship to God in Christ. Baptism is not only a sign of profession and mark of difference whereby Christians are distinguished from others that are not baptized; but it is also a sign of new birth.

untitledBaptism of an infant powerfully portrays the utter dependence which all of us have on God. The sacrament is a sign of God’s promise of ongoing grace, offering continual forgiveness, and transformation throughout our lives. Baptism demonstrates our inclusion in the covenant with God and our access to the divine grace that claims, sustains and saves us.

Since we become members of the church in baptism, each person is called by name and presented to the congregation. During baptism the church responds promising to support the baptized person and embrace them in Christian fellowship. Christianity is lied out not in isolation, but in community with other Christians. The congregation reaffirms is own faith and commitment, then promises to nurture, teach and support those whose commitments are being affirmed. We grow in faith, service, and discipleship within a community of love and forgiveness.

At Ardsley United Methodist Church, we baptize children and adults. We baptize the children of members on the third Sunday of the month at the 11am worship service, with the exception of the season of Advent and Lent.

Each person wanting to be baptized is asked to arrange a baptism class with Pastor Bruce Lamb prior to the baptism.

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